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 Post subject: [WoW] Mias Application
 Post Posted: Wed Aug 27, 2014 3:34 pm 
Disgruntled Wannabe

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1. Each character name, level & class:
Mia, 90, Warlock

2. Each character’s main spec and off-spec:

Guild Questions:

1. List your last 3 guilds, server, length of time in guild, GM or Officer and reason for leaving.
i.Tax Evasion - Eldre'Thalas - ~1 year - Member
Guild with friends, dissolved when most stopped playing.
ii. Talented - Uldaman - ~2 years - Member
Left due to stalemate/lack of interest in progression.
iii. An'She - Zul'Jin - ~6 months - Member:
GM left, guild fell apart.

2. Do you know anyone in Disgruntled? If so, who?
Disarraye, Kordrael, Magicfarts

3. Why do you want to join Disgruntled?
I'd like to join to continue playing with my husband (Magicfarts) and our friends (Disarraye and Kordrael). Due to a full-time class schedule I am currently only interested in joining as a non-raider, but come WoD if time allows, I would be interested in becoming a full-time raider.

4. What do you have to offer the guild? In other words, tell us why we should we invite you and not that other guy.
I've been raiding since vanilla. I have only recently decided due to school (this expansion) to break from a full-time raid status so that I can focus on my studies. I enjoy progression and will willingly spend as much time and effort as I can to read strategies and watch videos to preemptively learn fights so that I can continue to maintain a high level of raid awareness.

Raid Questions:

Please answer the additional questions below if you wish to be considered for Disgruntled raiding:

1. State the purpose of raid loot.
Raid loot benefits the group as a whole. It ensures an equal distribution of gear throughout the entire raid based on need, which in turn enhances total raid performance.

2. Explain your class role in the raid.
Direct dps on assigned target, movement support via gateways, CC when applicable and free cookies.

3. Are you willing to respec if asked?

4. Barring emergencies, can we count on you to attend all or virtually all raids for which you are scheduled?
As stated above, I am currently applying as a non-raiding member due to school. I am completing this section because of my eventual desire to return to raiding come WoD. As WoD will drop close to the beginning of my last semester (which will be a light semester) I can say that yes, after December I will be able to attend all scheduled raids.

5. List previous raiding experiences (feel free to include past MMOs if you have no experience in current content).
All raid content (when it was current) from Vanilla-SoO 14/14N

Additional Comments:
Nothing really special to add here. I'm a 26 year old full-time student studying Speech Pathology while I work a few days a week at a children's psychiatric hospital. I live in southwestern PA with my husband (Magicfarts) and I spend most of my off-time either playing WoW or spending time with my animals.

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 Post subject: Re: [WoW] Mias Application
 Post Posted: Fri Aug 29, 2014 4:19 am 
Disgruntled Officer
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Hello Mia!

Since magic is already in we can skip the interview and get you tagged. Just send me a tell or any officer a tell.

Sorry for the delay in responding., been crazy busy.


Treat every stressful situation as if you were a dog. If you can't play with it or chew on it, pee on it and walk away.

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